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11th Nordic String Theory Meeting 2017

Leibniz Universität Hannover, 09-10 February 2017

This workshop continues the tradition of the annual Nordic String Theory Meetings. As in the past, the idea is to have a short but intense meeting of stringy people from "nordic" places Berlin (HU), Bremen (Jacobs), Copenhagen (NBI), Göttingen, Groningen, Hamburg (Uni/DESY), Hannover, Potsdam (AEI) and possibly some nordophilic people from not so nordic places. Slides of the talks will available online (see Program).

Date: Thursday, 09 February after lunch -- Friday, 10 February afternoon
Location: Leibniz Universität Hannover: Institut für Theoretische Physik, seminar room 267 on 3rd floor
Accomodation: Hotel Schlafgut (84 € single, 105,60 € double, incl. breakfast)
just a 3 min walk from the ITP
15 rooms are available for those rates; please book here with passwort   Physik_2017 before 12 January!
Hotel am Herrenhäuser Garten (65 € single, incl. breakfast)
a 10 min walk from the ITP, away from the city center but near the baroque gardens
5 rooms are available for this rate
Hotel Savoy Hannover (80 € single, 110 € double, incl. breakfast & bicycle)
a 20 min walk from the ITP, towards the city center
10 rooms are available for those rates; please book with password   Nordic Strings before 03 February!
InterCityHotel Hannover (99 € single, incl. breakfast)     [note: better deals often available, please check!]
a 30 min walk or 15 min walk+tram ride from the ITP, 2 mins from the central train station
30 rooms are available for those rates; please book with password   Nordic Strings before 16 January!
Contact: Olaf Lechtenfeld (Olaf.Lechtenfeld at itp.uni-hannover.de)   /   Marco Zagermann (Marco.Zagermann at itp.uni-hannover.de)

Financial support for travel or accommodation is unfortunately not available.

Thursday evening: Free dinner downtown in the Broyhanhaus (downstairs in the Urbock-Keller), located on Kramerstraße 24 in the Old Town

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