Previous Workshops

11th Nordic String Theory Meeting 2017

Leibniz Universität Hannover, 09-10 February 2017


(names in alphabetical order)

Berlin (HU)

Johannes Brödel					Elliptic multiple zeta values in string scattering amplitudes
Julian Miczajka

Bremen (Jacobs)

Peter Schupp					

Copenhagen (NBI)

Cynthia Keeler					Partition functions from quasinormal modes
Matthias Oliver Wilhelm				Quantum corrections in AdS/dCFT



Eric Bergshoeff					Taking limits of General Relativity
Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis 			Tensor galileons and gravity
Remko Klein
Diederik Roest
David Stefanyszyn				Sequestering the standard model vacuum energy

Hamburg (Uni/DESY)

Peter Dieterich					The ASK/PSK-correspondence and the r-map
Alexander Haupt					Spin(7)-instantons and other Yang-Mills solutions on cylinders over coset spaces with G_2-structure


Andreas Deser (Torino)				Pre-NQ-manifolds and derived brackets in generalized geometry and double field theory
Jakob Geipel					
Olaf Lechtenfeld                              
Luca Romano					Non-supersymmetric magic theories and Ehlers truncations
Carlos Shahbazi					Supergravity U-folds and symplectic duality bundles
Marco Zagermann
Gleb Zhilin

Potsdam (AEI)

Dmitri Bykov					Complex structures and zero-curvature equations for sigma-models
Ilmar Gahramanov				Integrable lattice spin models from supersymmetric gauge theories
Michal Heller					Entanglement, holography and causal diamonds
Matin Mojaza					Soft scattering of strings
Edvard Musaev					Exotic branes in double field theory

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